Crayola juice box holder

Crayola Juice Box Holder's..

I am really big on buying small drinks for my daughter's snack time, and lunch of course. She drinks out of normal cups and "sippy" cups that are not spill proof. I had the mistake of giving her a juice box when she was younger and learned my lesson, She squeezed the box and made juice go everywhere, She was like nine months at this time and I haven't given her a juice box sense then. I was at Walmart this past month buying food and things for the house when I came across this niffy product that I had been saying for awhile that I was going to purchase for her. Finally I bought her a forty-eight pack of Juice box's and on my way to check out I picked up the Juice box holder by Crayola! OH JOY, I thought. I was so excited to get home and try this product out with my daughter to see if it was true to what it said.

It's a great product and was well thought of, it does keep children from getting the juice all over the place. HOWEVER, not all juice box's fit this product only certain ones.. The product would be better if it could fit all juice boxes [it need's to be a little taller]. It can fit short fat juice boxes just not the tall skinny ones. I, unfortunately, purchased the juice box's it wouldn't fit. I still use it, and she can't squeeze the juice box but she can pull it out and then do it because the lid wont fit on. Take caution when purchasing for this product and make sure to get juice boxes that actually fit it, unlike me... It could be a great product. I have seen you can buy attachments for it, like a "sippy" cup attachment not one to make it longer to fit other box's.

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