Disney Princess Pillow

Disney Princess Pillow/book.

My daughter is really into the Disney princess theme, so of course her entire room is Disney princesses. We bought her this pillow that is also a book, how cool is that? She loves it, it's just as soft as can be with cloth pages on the inside with three different princess stories! I love it, it promotes reading, which let's face it in this generation along with our own technology has over come this world and no one really picks up a paper book anymore to read. Now you have the internet, i-pad, e-readers and things like that. I want my daughter to read actual books and go to a library for good old story time, not feel that electronics are her life, they aren't mine. 
The great thing is they have so many different pillow books out there for kids, so you don't have to stick with just one. They don't have the traditional story our kids have heard in movies all the time so this keeps children entertained. I love these just as much as I do the bath tub book [coming in a later post]. I think this is the most child friendly parent friendly thing I have seen in stores in awhile for children. Things are nothing like the past generations now they are very advanced but if we don't teach our children the basics we learned how can they surpass our expectations? I recommend every parent read to their child and even teach them to read, even if the book is upside down and they are trying to tell the story by heart because they can't read just yet. This product is wonderful. 

Every night at bed time my daughter sits on her bed opens this soft paged book and looks and the pictures and talks as if she is reading the pages. She is only two and can't read just yet but I know she will be an early reader. Then once all the work of reading her book makes her tired she falls asleep on her book/pillow! I will personally have these for all my kids.
Try them, let me know what you think of them.

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  1. i want buy this Disney Princess Pillow/book. so where do i get it