Bok Choy Boys

Bok Choy Boys

When I was pregnant with my daughter my husband and I where out doing laundry with my mother in law [her laundry], and my husband came across these little ninja's in a coin machine [50 cent a piece]. He spent the 50 cent and got me one that I was in love from the second he gave it to me. It was the purple one with the peace sign on the back, I carried my peace ninja from that point forward everywhere I went and bragged on my peace ninja

Now whenever we are out and find a machine with them in it we get one for my collection. I have eight of them and will continue to keep collecting but about a month ago i found out what the bok choy boys actually are and even found there was a game for the i-phone [link below]. In the game the Bok Choy Boys are said to be guardians and each are for different things.
I think they are so cute and awesome and would make perfect jewelry [if you do that sort of thing]. I have one with a ying-yang on the back and i'm making it into a necklace for my daughter to wear.

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