Gerber Lil Dipper's & Similac

Gerber Lil Dipper's are they worth the money?

I started my daughter on everything kinda early because she was highly advanced, which some disagree with, however if you's child can handle it and is pushing for it, you should take advantage of that. Who knows you may have the next genius on you're hands and if so you don't want to hold him/her back right? Well after about one month maybe two of spoon feeding my daughter I tried the Gerber Lil Dipper's, which have ridges and are supposed to collect food when a child dips them into their food, and help them learn to feed  themselves using utensils [fine motor skills]. A wonderful product or just another piece of $5 trash?
I was really into Gerber everything for my daughter when she was a baby especially after the Similac scare in  2010 for beetles, larvae.

So the great thing about the Gerber Lil Dipper's was the idea of them, and that's all. My daughter used them multiple times threw her life [till she turned one] just to see if it was the age bracket that was the problem. These never helped her learn to eat with a fork and spoon, it was like a food launcher and that's all. They are cute, and kinda pricey seeing as mothers can get a pack of twelve baby spoon's [bpa free] at the dollar tree. I feel they are not only a waist of time but a waist of money, my daughter learned better with normal utensils. It might be different for other children but i don't think they are worth it. 

While I was speaking of Similac earlier let me state that their was also a recall in 2011 and now in 2012. If any mother's out there are using Similac here is the recall information for this year and last:
After all the recall's they have had [multiple per year for the past three years that i know of] I am not sure it's safe for babies and if i were you i'd start the baby on Gerber or another brand. Wic will switch them if you ask or get a doctor's note. This is horrible because most hospital's start babies on Similac and don't give the mother a chance too choose [if they don't breast feed that is, which I feel is the best way]. If you do switch you'r babies formula make sure to do it at a gradual rate as to not mess with their stomach. 

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