Dole Shakers!!! AMAZING!!

SO I went to the store yesterday just to pick up a few things for the house and my husband runs across a new product. Dole Shakers [fruit and yogurt kit] Strawberry Banana. All you do is add juice!!! I added apple juice, and
was I in love!!!! I am always drinking fruit smoothies and this was only $1.50! so worth it. My husband didn't care for it but who cares more for me right!!! Come on ladies sometimes we just need something of our own.

so all you do it let it thaw for like 5 minutes them pour juice of any kind on top to the fill zone window and shake for like 30 seconds and WALLA! I'm sure it would even be amazing with some rum added to but i am not sure. Try it, let me know!!!


  1. haha, this made me laugh. And I agree, more for you! $1.50 is a great price...wonder if they have any other flavors and if I can find it around here. Will definitely have to check it out! I LOVE YOUR HAIR OMG. AND YOUR EYEBROWS. Seriously. I want pink hair!

  2. DITTO Steph~ Meg~ yellow is hard to read on here, k?

  3. Stephanie I don't know if they have any other flavors however you can get it at Walmart, might be worth a look, If I find anymore I will let everyone know. It's a new product so they may have just released one kind to see how well it does. Thank you btw i like the pink hair also <3
    Gabby [mother] I done this post in yellow before i edited my blogg [the back ground and all] it was black so i had to use a bright color i fixed it!.