Crayola juice box holder

Crayola Juice Box Holder's..

I am really big on buying small drinks for my daughter's snack time, and lunch of course. She drinks out of normal cups and "sippy" cups that are not spill proof. I had the mistake of giving her a juice box when she was younger and learned my lesson, She squeezed the box and made juice go everywhere, She was like nine months at this time and I haven't given her a juice box sense then. I was at Walmart this past month buying food and things for the house when I came across this niffy product that I had been saying for awhile that I was going to purchase for her. Finally I bought her a forty-eight pack of Juice box's and on my way to check out I picked up the Juice box holder by Crayola! OH JOY, I thought. I was so excited to get home and try this product out with my daughter to see if it was true to what it said.

It's a great product and was well thought of, it does keep children from getting the juice all over the place. HOWEVER, not all juice box's fit this product only certain ones.. The product would be better if it could fit all juice boxes [it need's to be a little taller]. It can fit short fat juice boxes just not the tall skinny ones. I, unfortunately, purchased the juice box's it wouldn't fit. I still use it, and she can't squeeze the juice box but she can pull it out and then do it because the lid wont fit on. Take caution when purchasing for this product and make sure to get juice boxes that actually fit it, unlike me... It could be a great product. I have seen you can buy attachments for it, like a "sippy" cup attachment not one to make it longer to fit other box's.


Coffee in this 105degree heat?!?!?!

Coffee in the summer!

My family are coffee people! most of my family likes to make their's at home, and we all like it a different way. I personally love to go to coffee shops! well I don't have the time to go sit at a coffee shop anymore, my daughter is more important, and it's summer to hot for hot coffee so I made an ice coffee that tastes like it's right out of a coffee shop!!! YAY! I thought i'd share with you what I used and how I made it so you could try it and help save yourself money in the long run! while i'm at it I plan on telling you pro's and con's on these products.
First of all just like making normal coffee I filled my coffee pot all the way with water [of course!], and still used a coffee filter. I used Starbuck's Natural Fusions VANILLA [with other natural flavors],which I bought at my local grocery store. Great Value French Vanilla coffee creamer, of course it's bought at Walmart, you can use to liquid kind I personally used the powder kind because it's what was in my house [my husband drinks the liquid kind by it's self so I don't keep it in the house unless he buys it. and Truvia Sweetener.  
After I brewed the coffee I poured it back it the place for water in a coffee pot, took out the filter and just placed the creamer and sweetener in and let it run threw again [I'm sure you can skip that step and just put it all in the filter I didn't know I was going to make this when I made the coffee you can replace the Truvia with any sweetener you desire!] once done I placed it in a two quart pitcher and put it in the fridge over night to let it chill [I didn't want any all that day that's why I waited so long]. 

Now let's talk about these products

Truvia Sweetener: I bought this product when I was working at an adult store because a co-worker was sick and my sister-in-law and I went to the store to buy some things to make her feel better. I bought her some mint green tea [mint is great for an unsettled tummy], and this sweetener because I wanted to test this product [normally i'd buy honey for my green tea]. My sister-in-law bought her three of those niffy Campbell"s Chicken noodle soup cups [for on the go]. I also went to the store and bought her a personal cup and a bunch of straw for the break room for when I wasn't there. We found that Truvia is very sweet and I love it but at the same time it's not worth it let me tell you why, people who use it have noticed a change in their daily lives: 

  • one lady reported her lactose intolerance was worse once using this product
  • another reported bad breath, back neck and shoulder pain, she stopped the product after going to the doctor with recurring pain [she is a tennis player so this was a problem for her] and after forty-eight hours all symptoms stopped 
  • a male whom used this product reported that he had a bad reaction to Stevia so he tried Truvia for a couple of weeks in his coffee and said everything seemed "fine" until he used it with baking [which of course takes more then coffee]. He reported that within ten minutes of eating a piece of this pie and he had a server mental reaction, his mouth began to itch and he broke out in hives, he is allergic to mold and yeast and this is the reaction he get's from those items normally with heavy exposure.  Therefore, he assumed the reaction was possibly from the yeast that is used to ferment the Erythritol or perhaps the Erythritol itself. so he researched it and found that Truvia is made from Stevia and Erythritol.
  • another lady used it once a day and only one pack a day and didn't see any symptoms until she used two packs a day. Then she started to notice gas and diarrhea. She stopped using it and four days later the symptoms had not stopped 
  • another reported that once she started using this zero-carb sweetener she started having "crazy carb cravings"
  • one said it made them feel ill and tired all day, then the more that they used they reported the effect worsened and abdominal cramps and loose stools began.
and may more people with more reports most the same. I have found that when used in moderation and only every so often and not everyday all day this does not happen. I used only 3 tea spoon of Truvia in the coffee and once cool and in my glass with ice I used sugar to make it sweeter.

Starbuck's Natural Fusions VANILLA: it's good, doesn't taste at all like actual starbuck's coffee and needs more of a vanilla flavor so I use a french vanilla creamer with it.

Great Value brand French Vanilla coffee creamer:  I prefer the liquid kind but my husband drinks it like it's water but this it still really good if you can keep if from clumping in the drink. [you have to slowly add it to the drink] 

and this product isn't even some thing I used with this drink but I feel the need to write my review about it... A long time friend gave me the Starbuck's VIA ready brew:iced coffee and it isn't at all worth it. I have the "sweetened" kind and it's just as bitter as black coffee even with creamer or milk or anything. I do not care for this product nor does my husband, brother or even my grandmother who likes black coffee...

Many creations of Ramzy Fatal

Ramzy Fatal of Modified dolls: Georgia chapter

My sister-in-law is Ramzy Fatal of the modified dolls, Georgia chapter. She isn't just that but much much more. She is an amazing artist, She makes jewelry,custom clothing creator, She is my brother's heart and a long time personal friend of mine. I am blogging about her because of her amazing art no matter what it is she can do it, she sales these amazing items also. I am going to show you some of her art and give you her link encase you want to look further into her art to purchase something already made or get a custom creation for an amazing price!
30x40, Acrylic/Mixed Media On Canvas. Painting For my brother For X-mas. Pink Floyd Inspired 

This is a custom piece done for my brother's X-mas present. It's Acrylic/mixed media on canvas [30x40].She done a perfect portrait of Jim Morrison for him when we lived together also. She attended an art college in Georgia and currently has her creations for sale, anything you could think of.  She makes and sales jewelry,both necklace and pocket watch were custom piece's. All product's she uses is great quality.
Feel free to like her page, message her and get to know her.
because I had to =] this is my dear big brother and his soul mate! He fell in love with her in seventh grade and waited for his chance to be her's. She and I became great friends and I saw to it that she be my Sister-in-law! Now they are happily engaged! I am so happy my brother got the love of his life! This is proof that there are soul mates for people and everyone has the chance to be happy and be with the one they love!

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Crack Nail Lacquer by NABI

Crack nail polish, is it worth it?

One of my good friends was at Walgreen's and found a sale on Crack nail lacquer by NABI, two for three dollars. So she bought the blue and red polish. She tried both polish over every color she had at home to see how it looked and really didn't care for the red polish so she gave it to me to try and post to let everyone know what I thought. Her's turned out beautiful over a silver/chrome polish it would have looked great with orange also but she is an Alabama fan and to her that wasn't something you do. I attempted the red over a black polish thinking it would be so beautiful,not so much. I tried it over my yellow polish and it looks amazing. So I guess what I noticed about this polish is you can put it over to dark of a color. Another problem my friend and I noticed about the polish was you can't use to much or it wont crack, but you also can't use to little of when you try and put another coat on it takes the polish off. You have to put on the enough polish on at a time to get the full effect which if you don't have a good steady hand, the time, or your used to using more polish then this it may be a little hard to get it right. Also once you put it on it has this dry horrible look to it so you really need to put a clear coat on top to make it look right. All in all it's very pretty there is just so much to do to get it right and I personally as a mother don't have the time to sit and do my nails all day to get them perfect. 

End Result:                                                    Get this look:
To get this look I, of course, used the red CRACK nail lacquer by NABI, Sunshine nail pro by Avon [used two coats], and yellow out top coat by Jordana [used two coats one before the yellow polish and another after the red crack polish]. You can purchase Crack by Nabi at the drug store, nailwear pro by Avon on Avon.com, and yellow out top coat by Jordana at the dollar store. 


foam floor mats for toddlers/kids

Foam floor mats ok for toddlers/kids?

While I was speaking about items on the market for kids I felt I should post about these foam floor mats for toddlers/kids. I got the Disney princess one for my daughters room, play area, when she was a year old. I thought a 12 month old child would need something kinda soft encase they hurt themselves, a normal parents thinking of course. My daughter had about half her teeth in by this time, and had a fascination with taking it apart and letting me put it back together. It's a puzzle they should be able to do so, well it cam to the point where she was putting it in her mouth, as most children do, and biting off little chunks.
That didn't seem safe I kept an eye on her but still didn't seem safe at all for babies or toddlers. This product is located in the baby isle in the store, but why? I think it needs to be located in the kid's department. for like 5 or 6 year old kids to have in there play room. I might try and buy another one when she gets older bu't i'm not sure I just went out and got her a really pretty throw rug for her room instead. 
Parents take caution in having this in a young child's room, especially if they are teething. We don't want the child biting off a piece and choking on it. They are cute but don't seem to be for young children. Instead try them with kids who are a little older and maybe place them under where they eat, or the arts and crafts area of the house because they are really easy to clean with a baby wipe,  easier them cleaning paint of juice off a carpet. I don't hate this product I do think it was a good idea just not for the age group they have them for.

Disney Princess Pillow

Disney Princess Pillow/book.

My daughter is really into the Disney princess theme, so of course her entire room is Disney princesses. We bought her this pillow that is also a book, how cool is that? She loves it, it's just as soft as can be with cloth pages on the inside with three different princess stories! I love it, it promotes reading, which let's face it in this generation along with our own technology has over come this world and no one really picks up a paper book anymore to read. Now you have the internet, i-pad, e-readers and things like that. I want my daughter to read actual books and go to a library for good old story time, not feel that electronics are her life, they aren't mine. 
The great thing is they have so many different pillow books out there for kids, so you don't have to stick with just one. They don't have the traditional story our kids have heard in movies all the time so this keeps children entertained. I love these just as much as I do the bath tub book [coming in a later post]. I think this is the most child friendly parent friendly thing I have seen in stores in awhile for children. Things are nothing like the past generations now they are very advanced but if we don't teach our children the basics we learned how can they surpass our expectations? I recommend every parent read to their child and even teach them to read, even if the book is upside down and they are trying to tell the story by heart because they can't read just yet. This product is wonderful. 

Every night at bed time my daughter sits on her bed opens this soft paged book and looks and the pictures and talks as if she is reading the pages. She is only two and can't read just yet but I know she will be an early reader. Then once all the work of reading her book makes her tired she falls asleep on her book/pillow! I will personally have these for all my kids.
Try them, let me know what you think of them.

Bok Choy Boys

Bok Choy Boys

When I was pregnant with my daughter my husband and I where out doing laundry with my mother in law [her laundry], and my husband came across these little ninja's in a coin machine [50 cent a piece]. He spent the 50 cent and got me one that I was in love from the second he gave it to me. It was the purple one with the peace sign on the back, I carried my peace ninja from that point forward everywhere I went and bragged on my peace ninja

Now whenever we are out and find a machine with them in it we get one for my collection. I have eight of them and will continue to keep collecting but about a month ago i found out what the bok choy boys actually are and even found there was a game for the i-phone [link below]. In the game the Bok Choy Boys are said to be guardians and each are for different things.
I think they are so cute and awesome and would make perfect jewelry [if you do that sort of thing]. I have one with a ying-yang on the back and i'm making it into a necklace for my daughter to wear.


pink hair

I have had many people ask me questions about my pink hair and I thought before i get anymore i'd just post about it for everyone to read.
"why do you do your eyebrows pink also?"
because my hair is naturally red so i have really light eyebrows and i wont go around looking like some pail albino or something due to my eyebrows and eyelashes. I believe if you are going to dye your full hair unnatural colors then you should also do your eyebrows.
"How do you get your hair so bright pink?"
I bleach my hair using this bleach and a 20volume developer. This bleach lightens up to 5 shades and its blue which works as a great toner to take out the brassiness of my natural hair [which i normally don't keep but i have had for the past 6 months]. I apply heat to cut the time in half of course using a hair cap and blow dryer. and i apply it with an application brush.I wait for the bleach to turn my hair like a platinum blonde and then I wash it out shampoo and condition [leaving conditioner in for at least 10 minutes]. The lighter blonde you're hair is it the brighter your results will be. After i towel dry my hair i take my application brush and apply my pink dye and again use a blow dryer for heat to make it set better.
"what brand and color pink do you use?"
I have used many different brand's and many different colors anyone who knows me knows that. However to answer that question I have most recently been using "Color Jamz" and the Bubble Gum Pink shade. i leave it on for 20 minutes applying heat and 10 minutes without heat then i just wash and shampoo/condition 
as normal.
"Where can I buy the products you use?"
You can buy all products i use at sally's beauty supply store.

I hope that answered you'r questions.

while speaking of toners and such let me add that if you have your hair dyed blonde but it seems to have a brassy look to it and you don't like it add some blue food coloring to your shampoo it will help to kick it out in just a few washes. If you have dark hair and want it a little darker because you see a brassy color coming to it then add green food coloring to your shampoo and once again shampoo as usual. You can also wash your hair with egg to help give it back the protein it needs if you use harsh chemicals or heat on your hair. Alot of the time people feel they have dry scalp with it's really that they don't have enough protein in their hair!

On and unrelated note, just because i feel like it, my husband and I where at the store looking at a few different product's that where "NEW", and he came across these Cheerios. He thought he wanted something that tasted different and good but still healthy for him. Usually he just takes the normal Cheerios and adds sugar or honey but these seemed like they would eliminate that problem. Unforgettably for him they didn't taste at all as good as he had hoped and ended up having to add sugar again. when i tried them they didn't at all taste like Caramel.. what a disappointment i thought but still kinda nice not to have the "normal" taste given by original Cheerios.


Dole Shakers!!! AMAZING!!

SO I went to the store yesterday just to pick up a few things for the house and my husband runs across a new product. Dole Shakers [fruit and yogurt kit] Strawberry Banana. All you do is add juice!!! I added apple juice, and
was I in love!!!! I am always drinking fruit smoothies and this was only $1.50! so worth it. My husband didn't care for it but who cares more for me right!!! Come on ladies sometimes we just need something of our own.

so all you do it let it thaw for like 5 minutes them pour juice of any kind on top to the fill zone window and shake for like 30 seconds and WALLA! I'm sure it would even be amazing with some rum added to but i am not sure. Try it, let me know!!!

Mom Vox Box 2012: Influenster

Mom Voxbox 2012

I received my first Voxbox from Influenster yesterday, June 23rd. As delighted as I was to receive this in the mail I was ecstatic to open it and see what was inside.

Influenster Send's packages to qualifying participants who received badges on their site. All product's are sent to you for free for testing purposes in hope that you will blog about them on your you tube account or actual blog, as well as spread the word of your experience with each product. As I said these product's are sent to the recipient 100% free of charge for testing purposes.

The second i received my package i opened it to see how it looked on the inside but didn't explore the goodies till i got inside, where my husband tried to be the first =]. I was eager to start testing my products with the help of my two year old daughter and my husband.

Inside the voxbox i found:
  • Ivory Bar Soap: $4.27 for 10-pack bath size bars [i received one FULL size bar]. This product all in all was really good for my family. I have really sensitive skin [and dry skin] this was a good product for my skin except it can make you are little dry... on the other hand it does great on those manly odors! my husband loves to used bar soap and he was the first to test this item in our house. of course our daughter is far to young to use bar soap.
  • Dentek Comfort Clean & Fun Flossers: $1.99 to $2.99 for full packs [i received a pack of each which came with three]. I have very sensitive gums so the Dentek Comfort Clean wasn't for me i prefer normal floss over them, however my daughter really didn't mind the Fun Flossers, in fact she kept asking me to do it again so I will continue to purchase those for her
  • Quaker Soft Baked Cookie: $2.69 for box of 6 [I received one]. We split it three ways to test it together as a family. My daughter and I loved it, It was soft for her and not to sweet which i loved for myself also. My husband on the other hand didn't care for it as much as we did, He likes things very sweet. I will buy these next time i go to the store for snacks for my daughter.
  • imPress Press-On Manicure by Broadway Nails: $5.99 to $7.99 [I received the royal purple colored ones]. I have been getting manicures sense i was in the second grade, I have tried the products at the store that you glue on but always preferred going to a nail salon. This product to me is like to ones you buy for your child that come with the double side stick tape to stick to your child's nails without all the harsh glues, I didn't care for them at all and in fact within one hour of having them on my clean non-polished nail one just popped right off and had lost all "sticky". This product does come with 24 pieces just encase this happens i assume, however they were not at all comfortable for me. I will not be buying these for myself I will continue to go to a nail salon if i want a manicure.
  • Stash Tea Superfruits Tea Sampler: $3.50 And Nektar Sweetener [a full box of 18 tea Samplers 3 of each kind 6 different kinds in all, And two packages of the Nektar]. I have yet to test these due to me only using products like this when it's cold out or I am sick. I plan on making it a point to test them soon though. As for the Nektar Sweetener, which I also have not had the chance to test, I love the idea of it. It's all natural honey sweetener one package of it equals as much as a teaspoon of honey. This will be a great Sweetener for me to used encase I have to add sugar to any of my daughters drinks, I already use a sugar substitute, and lets face it i like things all natural.

this was my first VoxBox from Influenster 
Qualify, Receive, Evaluate, Recommend!!!!

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