Crack Nail Lacquer by NABI

Crack nail polish, is it worth it?

One of my good friends was at Walgreen's and found a sale on Crack nail lacquer by NABI, two for three dollars. So she bought the blue and red polish. She tried both polish over every color she had at home to see how it looked and really didn't care for the red polish so she gave it to me to try and post to let everyone know what I thought. Her's turned out beautiful over a silver/chrome polish it would have looked great with orange also but she is an Alabama fan and to her that wasn't something you do. I attempted the red over a black polish thinking it would be so beautiful,not so much. I tried it over my yellow polish and it looks amazing. So I guess what I noticed about this polish is you can put it over to dark of a color. Another problem my friend and I noticed about the polish was you can't use to much or it wont crack, but you also can't use to little of when you try and put another coat on it takes the polish off. You have to put on the enough polish on at a time to get the full effect which if you don't have a good steady hand, the time, or your used to using more polish then this it may be a little hard to get it right. Also once you put it on it has this dry horrible look to it so you really need to put a clear coat on top to make it look right. All in all it's very pretty there is just so much to do to get it right and I personally as a mother don't have the time to sit and do my nails all day to get them perfect. 

End Result:                                                    Get this look:
To get this look I, of course, used the red CRACK nail lacquer by NABI, Sunshine nail pro by Avon [used two coats], and yellow out top coat by Jordana [used two coats one before the yellow polish and another after the red crack polish]. You can purchase Crack by Nabi at the drug store, nailwear pro by Avon on Avon.com, and yellow out top coat by Jordana at the dollar store. 


  1. I have been using OPI and china glaze crackles since they came out last year and I still don't have it down. And the longer the bottle is open to paint with the gummier it becomes.

  2. I think i might finally have it down pat. My mother had the Crackle brand in black when i was little and I was in love with it but never could figure it out, and she had it for so long it was like cement glue. I don't leave mine open that long. every time I go to dip the brush I close it and shake it.