pink hair

I have had many people ask me questions about my pink hair and I thought before i get anymore i'd just post about it for everyone to read.
"why do you do your eyebrows pink also?"
because my hair is naturally red so i have really light eyebrows and i wont go around looking like some pail albino or something due to my eyebrows and eyelashes. I believe if you are going to dye your full hair unnatural colors then you should also do your eyebrows.
"How do you get your hair so bright pink?"
I bleach my hair using this bleach and a 20volume developer. This bleach lightens up to 5 shades and its blue which works as a great toner to take out the brassiness of my natural hair [which i normally don't keep but i have had for the past 6 months]. I apply heat to cut the time in half of course using a hair cap and blow dryer. and i apply it with an application brush.I wait for the bleach to turn my hair like a platinum blonde and then I wash it out shampoo and condition [leaving conditioner in for at least 10 minutes]. The lighter blonde you're hair is it the brighter your results will be. After i towel dry my hair i take my application brush and apply my pink dye and again use a blow dryer for heat to make it set better.
"what brand and color pink do you use?"
I have used many different brand's and many different colors anyone who knows me knows that. However to answer that question I have most recently been using "Color Jamz" and the Bubble Gum Pink shade. i leave it on for 20 minutes applying heat and 10 minutes without heat then i just wash and shampoo/condition 
as normal.
"Where can I buy the products you use?"
You can buy all products i use at sally's beauty supply store.

I hope that answered you'r questions.

while speaking of toners and such let me add that if you have your hair dyed blonde but it seems to have a brassy look to it and you don't like it add some blue food coloring to your shampoo it will help to kick it out in just a few washes. If you have dark hair and want it a little darker because you see a brassy color coming to it then add green food coloring to your shampoo and once again shampoo as usual. You can also wash your hair with egg to help give it back the protein it needs if you use harsh chemicals or heat on your hair. Alot of the time people feel they have dry scalp with it's really that they don't have enough protein in their hair!

On and unrelated note, just because i feel like it, my husband and I where at the store looking at a few different product's that where "NEW", and he came across these Cheerios. He thought he wanted something that tasted different and good but still healthy for him. Usually he just takes the normal Cheerios and adds sugar or honey but these seemed like they would eliminate that problem. Unforgettably for him they didn't taste at all as good as he had hoped and ended up having to add sugar again. when i tried them they didn't at all taste like Caramel.. what a disappointment i thought but still kinda nice not to have the "normal" taste given by original Cheerios.

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