foam floor mats for toddlers/kids

Foam floor mats ok for toddlers/kids?

While I was speaking about items on the market for kids I felt I should post about these foam floor mats for toddlers/kids. I got the Disney princess one for my daughters room, play area, when she was a year old. I thought a 12 month old child would need something kinda soft encase they hurt themselves, a normal parents thinking of course. My daughter had about half her teeth in by this time, and had a fascination with taking it apart and letting me put it back together. It's a puzzle they should be able to do so, well it cam to the point where she was putting it in her mouth, as most children do, and biting off little chunks.
That didn't seem safe I kept an eye on her but still didn't seem safe at all for babies or toddlers. This product is located in the baby isle in the store, but why? I think it needs to be located in the kid's department. for like 5 or 6 year old kids to have in there play room. I might try and buy another one when she gets older bu't i'm not sure I just went out and got her a really pretty throw rug for her room instead. 
Parents take caution in having this in a young child's room, especially if they are teething. We don't want the child biting off a piece and choking on it. They are cute but don't seem to be for young children. Instead try them with kids who are a little older and maybe place them under where they eat, or the arts and crafts area of the house because they are really easy to clean with a baby wipe,  easier them cleaning paint of juice off a carpet. I don't hate this product I do think it was a good idea just not for the age group they have them for.

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