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Ramzy Fatal of Modified dolls: Georgia chapter

My sister-in-law is Ramzy Fatal of the modified dolls, Georgia chapter. She isn't just that but much much more. She is an amazing artist, She makes jewelry,custom clothing creator, She is my brother's heart and a long time personal friend of mine. I am blogging about her because of her amazing art no matter what it is she can do it, she sales these amazing items also. I am going to show you some of her art and give you her link encase you want to look further into her art to purchase something already made or get a custom creation for an amazing price!
30x40, Acrylic/Mixed Media On Canvas. Painting For my brother For X-mas. Pink Floyd Inspired 

This is a custom piece done for my brother's X-mas present. It's Acrylic/mixed media on canvas [30x40].She done a perfect portrait of Jim Morrison for him when we lived together also. She attended an art college in Georgia and currently has her creations for sale, anything you could think of.  She makes and sales jewelry,both necklace and pocket watch were custom piece's. All product's she uses is great quality.
Feel free to like her page, message her and get to know her.
because I had to =] this is my dear big brother and his soul mate! He fell in love with her in seventh grade and waited for his chance to be her's. She and I became great friends and I saw to it that she be my Sister-in-law! Now they are happily engaged! I am so happy my brother got the love of his life! This is proof that there are soul mates for people and everyone has the chance to be happy and be with the one they love!

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