Coffee in this 105degree heat?!?!?!

Coffee in the summer!

My family are coffee people! most of my family likes to make their's at home, and we all like it a different way. I personally love to go to coffee shops! well I don't have the time to go sit at a coffee shop anymore, my daughter is more important, and it's summer to hot for hot coffee so I made an ice coffee that tastes like it's right out of a coffee shop!!! YAY! I thought i'd share with you what I used and how I made it so you could try it and help save yourself money in the long run! while i'm at it I plan on telling you pro's and con's on these products.
First of all just like making normal coffee I filled my coffee pot all the way with water [of course!], and still used a coffee filter. I used Starbuck's Natural Fusions VANILLA [with other natural flavors],which I bought at my local grocery store. Great Value French Vanilla coffee creamer, of course it's bought at Walmart, you can use to liquid kind I personally used the powder kind because it's what was in my house [my husband drinks the liquid kind by it's self so I don't keep it in the house unless he buys it. and Truvia Sweetener.  
After I brewed the coffee I poured it back it the place for water in a coffee pot, took out the filter and just placed the creamer and sweetener in and let it run threw again [I'm sure you can skip that step and just put it all in the filter I didn't know I was going to make this when I made the coffee you can replace the Truvia with any sweetener you desire!] once done I placed it in a two quart pitcher and put it in the fridge over night to let it chill [I didn't want any all that day that's why I waited so long]. 

Now let's talk about these products

Truvia Sweetener: I bought this product when I was working at an adult store because a co-worker was sick and my sister-in-law and I went to the store to buy some things to make her feel better. I bought her some mint green tea [mint is great for an unsettled tummy], and this sweetener because I wanted to test this product [normally i'd buy honey for my green tea]. My sister-in-law bought her three of those niffy Campbell"s Chicken noodle soup cups [for on the go]. I also went to the store and bought her a personal cup and a bunch of straw for the break room for when I wasn't there. We found that Truvia is very sweet and I love it but at the same time it's not worth it let me tell you why, people who use it have noticed a change in their daily lives: 

  • one lady reported her lactose intolerance was worse once using this product
  • another reported bad breath, back neck and shoulder pain, she stopped the product after going to the doctor with recurring pain [she is a tennis player so this was a problem for her] and after forty-eight hours all symptoms stopped 
  • a male whom used this product reported that he had a bad reaction to Stevia so he tried Truvia for a couple of weeks in his coffee and said everything seemed "fine" until he used it with baking [which of course takes more then coffee]. He reported that within ten minutes of eating a piece of this pie and he had a server mental reaction, his mouth began to itch and he broke out in hives, he is allergic to mold and yeast and this is the reaction he get's from those items normally with heavy exposure.  Therefore, he assumed the reaction was possibly from the yeast that is used to ferment the Erythritol or perhaps the Erythritol itself. so he researched it and found that Truvia is made from Stevia and Erythritol.
  • another lady used it once a day and only one pack a day and didn't see any symptoms until she used two packs a day. Then she started to notice gas and diarrhea. She stopped using it and four days later the symptoms had not stopped 
  • another reported that once she started using this zero-carb sweetener she started having "crazy carb cravings"
  • one said it made them feel ill and tired all day, then the more that they used they reported the effect worsened and abdominal cramps and loose stools began.
and may more people with more reports most the same. I have found that when used in moderation and only every so often and not everyday all day this does not happen. I used only 3 tea spoon of Truvia in the coffee and once cool and in my glass with ice I used sugar to make it sweeter.

Starbuck's Natural Fusions VANILLA: it's good, doesn't taste at all like actual starbuck's coffee and needs more of a vanilla flavor so I use a french vanilla creamer with it.

Great Value brand French Vanilla coffee creamer:  I prefer the liquid kind but my husband drinks it like it's water but this it still really good if you can keep if from clumping in the drink. [you have to slowly add it to the drink] 

and this product isn't even some thing I used with this drink but I feel the need to write my review about it... A long time friend gave me the Starbuck's VIA ready brew:iced coffee and it isn't at all worth it. I have the "sweetened" kind and it's just as bitter as black coffee even with creamer or milk or anything. I do not care for this product nor does my husband, brother or even my grandmother who likes black coffee...

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