Splat Hair Color

Splat Hair Color Love!

Going threw the store I come upon this hair color called Splat. This caught my attention. I felt the need to try this product to write a review for those of you who have wondered about it. I took time to see how it would fade over time and even tried it on different hair types. My results were nothing less then Perfect!!!

First I started with Pink Fetish and Aqua Rush. Of course This product comes with the bleach and the dye. I bleached my hair for a hour before I washed it. I done an all over color of pink and bangs of aqua. I separated the hair applied bleach and let set, longer then suggested, for an hour. Thirty minutes with heat thirty minutes without. Recommended times are fifteen minutes for a the color to last a few weeks and thirty minutes to last one to six months. Due to the way I apply heat and let the color set my hair gets very vibrant and tends to last, after two months and about an inch and a half of roots later the color had just began to fade a little. I have very thick hair and I used tho whole bottle of bleach and dye. MAKE SURE TO DRY HAIR BEFORE DYING AFTER BLEACHING. I also applied these colors to my daughters natural blonde hair which is very thin, two months later and hers is faded but still has yet to wash out. I applied no heat to her hair and only let it set for fifteen minutes. I did have to redo the Aqua at one point about mid way.

Next I decided to use Luscious Raspberry by Splat and Black from Revlon. I just put this one in my hair last night so i'm not so sure how long it will last at the moment but I promise to keep you all updated.
[Updated: One month after having red hair I'm starting to show little blond highlights but most is still just as vibrant. I could continue to let it fade, or redo it. I believe I will be redoing my hair blue and purple!]

Keep in mind this is not the dye I normally use, I picked it up purely for testing purposes and I do plan on testing all of the colors available threw this brand for you and keeping you updated on how they take to my hair and how long it lasts. All in all from the way they take to my hair I'm pleased and the way the pink and blue lasted I'm pleased, I'd recommend it.