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Last time you all seen, I had really bright pink hair and I have changed it twice since then. I feel the need to show pictures and write my experiences in doing so. I am a natural red head, my hair is in perfect condition no matter the amount of harsh chemicals I use on it because I take damn good care of my hair.I will let you know some of my secrets. As I have blogged prior to this I used Color Jamz: Bubble Head Pink, to get the Pink after I pre-lightened it to a light blonde. I of course dried my hair first them applied the dye with a dye brush, and covered with a bag to hold the head in [or use a shower cap]. I applied heat for 30 minutes without breaks for the extreme pink, long lasting hair.

About a week ago I decided I was done with the pink for awhile, I had pink hair for about three months by this time. I decided I wanted to go back Dark Brown for awhile a color I kept my hair alot. So my husband took me out to get some dye and because my hair was so light we got Revlon Color Silk: Soft black, which by the way back fired on me and came out a midnight black instead. I kept my bangs pink though. But I have used Revlon alot with my hair and never had such horrible results. It kept washing out and didnt tend to want to stick not to mention I really wasn't into the pink bangs. I also missed my colored hair. I was a nice change of pace and far more respectable for the funeral I went to during the time of having my hair that color.

Next on my list was Teal! I used Beyond The Zone Color Jamz: Tripped Up Terquois, but of course I am getting ahead of myself. I had to re-bleach my hair from the black, after 5-10 minutes of having the bleach on my hair it was back to bright pink, which is where the hard part came, I applied a second coat of bleach to my hair this time the blue bleach to act as a toner and left on for what I believe was 30-45 minutes with no head and a bag over it to help. Once I washed my hair I used a toner where as some pink didn't come out I thought that would be ok because it would have a purple look in those spots [it didn't]. I had to dye my hair three times with this color in this brand. applying heat every time. The first time reading directions and applying heat for 20 minutes then washing out, only the tips took. The second time after blow drying my hair and letting it cool I tried again, applying heat every ten minuted for five minutes each time, lasting 30 minutes in length. roots and tips took. Finally I tried again leaving dye on for two hours blow drying ever 10 minutes in between drying for 15 minutes each time, with bag on to hold in heat and finally it set. FINALLY!!!! I tell you this was not the best but it will due next time I will be trying the Ion Brand of dark blue and an accent color of course! I also done my eyebrows all three times [pink, black and teal] to match!


  • I was my hair every 2-3 days because the natural oils are good for your hair, and it takes forever for my hair to get the perfect amount of oils.
  • I only bleach and or dye my hair after at least 24 hours of last washing it, or till my natural oils set in.
  • I only apply heat to my hair if it is a must, for dying my hair or going somewhere important to where it needs to be straight.
  • I wash my hair with egg at least twice a month, leave it on till the egg seems dry.
  • If my hair is brassy during washes I add blue food color to my shampoo, If it needs to be darker I add  green food coloring to my shampoo. 
  • I tend to use Placenta Conditioner from time to time if my hair even shows a sign of damage! [I will sit with it in my hair for 30 minutes to an hour before I was it out.] 
  • I always keep the split ends trimmed and I thin my hair during the summer to keep it from being so hot on my neck when I leave it down!

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