British Love!

British Love!!!!

I have been noticing British flag's in every store I go to in the United States lately. It has become the "in" thing here. It seems this is a reoccurring event. What about those of us who have constant love for Britain? I have worn the British flag my whole life, I have always owned items with the flag on it, I married a British man, I used to by my clothing from Britain as a teenager. I never seen it as a fad. I follow all the news there and everything. 
Why the sudden love for the British I ask? Is it because the Olympics are going on? Or maybe because the "rocker" style is back "in" right now? I find it kinda disrespectful, the United States picks fun at the British in their t.v. shows and fights against their views but wants to support their flag? Have you really thought this threw??? I mean really? The British came to our land and made it what it is and you disrespect them. I for one am glad you can go to a store and purchase such items, only because that's who I am and who I always have been. 
When I was in middle school the skull fad had came out because of some damn song "party like a rock star". At that same time with me wearing my black polish [which later was the "in" thing] and my Tripp pants with spikes and dark make-up, people wanted to down on me. People need never pick fun at those like myself because it seems our style is a consistent "in" thing! 
If you have love for the British have Constant love for them, not just love when it's in style! How pathetic. 

Hi, I'm Meg Osborne [British last name] I have constant RESPECT and LOVE for the BRITISH people! I'm Polish, Irish, and Scottish! I have Japanese in my family as well as Cherokee Indian! I love who I am and respect all cultures! 

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