Holes and Hearts

Holes And Hearts

"music pierced my heart at conception" -Meg Massacre [Meg Crisis]

These are my men Casey and Riley I have supported them from the start and think very highly of them. Those of you whom know me in person hear me speak of them all the time, and even listen to their music. You all have seen the video of my daughter listening to their music to calm her down. Now it's time to tell you about them. Let the world know that HOLES AND HEARTS are taking over the hearts of millions! Their music is strong but their story is stronger! Be prepared to fall in love with them! 

At the young age of 2 months the doctors discovered a large hole in the heart of my dear friend Riley. Immediately he was taken for a life saving heart surgery to help to temporarily hold on till he could under go major surgery. At 10 months old the doctors finally decided to preform open heart surgery on Riley, however due to the location and size the doctors couldn't completely close the hole. Thus this is where the name HOLES AND HEARTS comes from.

 All of Holes And Hearts Music including their Debut CD, Singles and Remixes are Available for Free Download Now on HOLES AND HEARTS BandPage Tab on Facebook!

Founded in 2007
Record label is Mongrol Records
General Manager is Macek Management
Booking agent is Bill Macek
Current location is Las Vegas, NV
 Press Contact is Macekmgmt@gmail.com

In 2009 I was asked by HOLES AND HEARTS to draw something for their album, though I didn't have all the time I wanted to make something as perfect as them and their music I done so. and got recognition under my un-married nick-name of MEG MASSACRE. I am not working on another piece for my "little rocker dudes" [what I have called them till resent when I realized my boys are not men!]. Just for the hell and fun of it. More of a tattoo idea if you will. =] 

You can find them personally on facebook and their manager! you can also contact and speak with the boys as you please. Look them up on youtube and  watch interviews or even news reports. Listen to their music on Spotify. Get to know them and their music!

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