Want Free Item's Threw The Mail Or Local Pick Up?

Would you like item's threw the mail for free, or maybe to pick them up near you? Do you have items you wouldn't mind "trading" so to speak for things you really want? All because I love to tell my viewer's how to do things like this I am letting you in on a not so secret secret of mine! lol. I joined a site called Listia [click link to go to page!] about two years ago. I have personally tested and used it sense. You can find just about ANYTHING on this site FOR FREE!!! Some items never used. 
This site uses a virtual credits instead of money. It uses an action system similar to Ebay. Once item is won the seller and buyer, so to speak, set up an arrangement for pick-up [if local] or shipment. Some item's do have free shipping, and some have "get it now" like "buy now" on Ebay. If you are a "seller" you would post an action with detals of the items, stating the shipment information, price, quality and condition. You can choose what to start you'r bid at and how many days you wish for the action to go on. Once the item is won and received, or after 7 days you will receive your credits and be able to bid on items you want. You start off with 500+ credits. I had the "+" because you can get badges like on the site Influnster I blogged about before. There are so many badges to be gained! You also can level up as you go, you will have feedback and be able to give feedback. Each badge and level has its perk and you can win credits from bidding even! give it a shot, its worth a try but very addictive!. YOU CAN SET UP A LISTIA WITH YOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNT!

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