Pepsi Respect!

Pepsi Having Respect For The People

Ok, so people are now posting the "new" patriotic Pepsi can boycott. All because it has the Pledge of allegiance without the "under god" part displayed. They ask that people re-frame from purchasing Pepsi for the limited time that this can is on the market. Pepsi has done this out of respect for all people in all religions. Which, by the way, is there entire clientele. This post says that if they cant put "under god" on the can due to respect for others, then out of respect the money that says "in god we trust" shouldn't be used just for respect of the company. 
I, as a Wiccan American, love the fact that they do not state "under god", so does my atheist husband. However if they would have placed the "under god" part on the can I would have still purchased this product do to my love for Dr.Pepper. I don't believe that a few words should stop you from drinking a product nor keep you loving it. This "new" patriotic can isn't even new. It was released after 9/11. To show our country that we all stand as one, no matter our religion. 
Just had to say my peace. so friends who are on my Facebook. Do Not send me a post about this new can. I don't care to read it, or even see it. You will not, can not change my feelings about Pepsi products. I don't take medications so the only thing to help my migraine's is my caffeine drinks. 


  1. Thank you for being a voice of reason, Meg. P.S. I've a hunch that the caffeine may have only a temporary relieving effect on the migraines and may actually be making them worse, but I don't actually know!

  2. I do not agree with you I love God and so should every one in this country

  3. Dr.Pepper isn't a part of PepsiCo.