Ruby Gloom is an animated television show based on an apparel franchise. The show is produced by Nelvana and began airing on October 13, 2006 in Canada on the network YTV.[1] It stars the voices of Sarah GadonEmily Hampshire, and Peter Keleghan.
The Ruby Gloom franchise that led to the television show was created by the American company Mighty Fine and sold through doeworld. Ruby Gloom began as a stationery line, featured on pencil cases and backpacks, eventually expanded to clothing, keychains, and plush toys. The character of Ruby Gloom is a small girl with bright red hair wearing a black dress with red and yellow striped socks. She has a pet cat named Doom Kitty, and she is described as "The Happiest Girl in the World." Ruby Gloom was originally aimed towards a gothic crowd but was later adapted for kids.

I love this show and find it more then suitable for my darling 
daughter who is more then into it. She will sit there as long as it
is on with her mouth wide open. There are 40 episodes and well 
worth the watch! Especially if your child is into shows and stuffed
animals such as this. 
My daughter has been raised with people who look and dress 
like the characters in this show so it comes first nature to her to 
like this show. She loves Monster high dolls, and the living dead dolls 
from hottopic!

RUBY GLOOM: worth the watch! Find it on Netflix if you have it, if you don't look it up. 

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