Re-gauging after ripping!


Back in 2009 I was at 1" with my gauges, it was my goal! It took me so long to get to an inch due to me spiritually gauging my ears. I went to jail for the first time in April of 2009 and they, of course, made me take out my gauges, which btw pissed me off more then anything. Come to find out you have a choice in taking them out. It's ither take them out or spend time in solitary. [which I decided to do for my lip rings btw]. My ears closed up to a 0 gauge within the time I was in there.  [Proof that 1" gauges can heal up] Within 2 days of being released I was back at 1", I refused to give them up. It was fine for me to do without ripping them due to me messaging them with oils to keep them healthy. However due to my anger towards someone and not wanting to hurt them I took it out on myself. In turn I ripped one of my gauges out of my ears, soon after [and I mean soon after, like 10 minutes] I found myself regretting it. Not because it hurt, oh no, but because I had waited so long to get to my goal. My ear was bleeding on and off for weeks, but I didn't care. Because I missed them so much I went and Pierced my silicon gauges to my ears to keep them in. Four piercings on each side of the ear. I had plans to sew my ears back together once I could get them to where I needed them. I never made it to that point before my anger got the best of me and I ripped the other out and also pierced it to my gauge. After about two weeks of them like that I gave up and decided to just gauge my second hole to an inch.  
This picture here shows where I had pierced my ear to the gauge and held it there with a small 20g ear ring. [before any of you decided to comment I realize there are problems with me and the way I do things in your eyes, but i don't care.]I held off on gauging for about a year. My second hole was already at a 10g. 


Now it's 2012 and my ears are at 1/2" I plan to have my ears back at 1" by October of this year! My ear's are gauging faster then ever by themselves!! Every time I buy the next size and put them in, my ears are already at that size! I will be documenting this gauging process threw out my blog because people always say things i have been able to prove wrong such as: "your ears wont grow back up from and inch", or " you have no lob you wont be able to go that far". First off, I really didn't have any lob prior to gauging to an inch the first time and I done it with no trouble at all and I would have kept going if my anger didn't get the best of me. Now that I ripped them out and I have no lob yet again people think I cant do it, the only trouble that I am having at this point is because of the way I kept stretching my lob to keep it pierced to my gauge causes my right ear to be hard to gauge. [that is the first one I ripped out, so it was pierced to the gauge for the longest.] Even though I stretched them even after they were out that have grown to were if I had sewn them back together I could fit about a 0 or a 00 in my ear. You can see in the picture my ears today with the 1/2" gauges in my ears and where I ripped my inches out! I have found my new pair of 1" gauges that are my goal at this moment, I will be going further then an inch but I had to set a goal for myself! If you want your ears gauged and you think you cant of maybe yours ripped out on their own, or you may have done it like I did, YOU CAN DO IT! DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY!!!!

Please Viewers: Do not try this at home, do not get so angry that you feel the need to harm yourself like I did. Most of all respect your piercings and tattoos! they are your art, and your body is your canvas! 

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