Teeth care for babies and toddlers!

Perfect care for baby and toddler teeth

One of the most important thing is oral care, even for babies. Children are still prone to cavities. If you start before a baby has teeth the better it will be for your child. There are product's on the market to help and I will be the one to tell you about these products, the prices, and where you can get them.

Baby:First we have to start with baby teeth, as mothers we all know that baby teeth popping threw can be very exciting for us, but painful for our children. You can't be the one to help ease the pain for your children, without baby Orajel. They have a product on the market, which I tested with my own daughter, that helps message the gum's and is a flimsy brush for once the tooth finally pop's threw. Finger toothbrush by Safety 1st is great for children from the time you think they are going to start teething on. This is the best product on the market for babies in my opinon. use the soft bubble side for massaging the gums prior to the teeth coming in, or in the spot the tooth is trying to come threw. You can purchase it at Walmart.com or at the store in the baby section by the care item's, you can pay $3.00 for the Finger toothbrush, holder and toddler toothbrush.

 Toothbrush set for baby toddler

Try not to use baby Orajel, instead try making willow bark extract, if you can get willow bark it will help. want to know how to make willow bark extract here is how.  To extract dry bark, powder it coarsely, soak with ethanol/water 50% for 8-10 days ( 20% bark, 40% solvent ) and add another 40% solvent, extract by maceration ( about 2 weeks, agitate frequently ), filter and press out the bark, mix both liquids, wait about 1-2 days and filter again. 

Toddler:Of course you can't use toothpaste with fluoride for children that still swallow everything they put in their mouth. But they have special toothpaste for children by flavor and character. I got my daughter the My Little Pony toothpaste by Orajel. You can get the Character toothpaste for $3.50 at Walmart. Use a pea sized amount on you'r child's toothbrush. You can buy a starter set with the toothpaste and toothbrush for $4.00 at Walmart. Or for a cheaper way around it seeing as you have to replace toothbrushes every six month's you can go to the Dollar Tree and but a four set of toddler toothbrushes for $1, of course. This is  also the time you can start to use floss, and promote your child to clean his or her own teeth. I always put the toothpaste on her toothbrush and give it to her while i'm doing her hair in the morning, or after her bath and i'm getting her dressed, or after she eat's and i'm brushing mine. A child is more likely to do something they see their parent's doing. As for the floss I would do that myself if i were you till they are maybe three years old. I use the Dentek Fun flosser's on my daughter's teeth and she sits there and lets me. You can buy a pack of 48 at Walmart for $4.48.

Water at bed time is best for children's teeth instead of milk, formula, or even juice. If your child is potty training and you aren't giving your child anything to drink for the last two hour's before bed the make sure to rinse their mouth's out after they brush or have anything to drink to prevent the sugar from setting on the child's teeth and over time causing cavities. Oral health starts from birth. It is something that has to be worried about before they are adults. 

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