Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Polish

Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Polish

I like to try new things and this new product by Sally Hansen has caught my eye today at the store, and of course I had to try it. The color's do not fit the color they say they are for the most part, some are expected to be the same but other's such as the "red" come out more purple. Do remember when you try this product the color it looks is the color you get don't go by name. The magnet is located on the top of the lid [which is removable to get to the thinner polish brush lid]. It had a little rounder edge to put at the top of the nail to keep the magnet the perfect length from the actual nail. This product is $10.00 in stores, is it worth it? You are about to find out. 

Painting the nail

  • First I used a clear coat by Sally Hansen [I prefer to do this step you really don't have to because you'r going to put a thin coat of the magnetic polish on first]
  • Then I do a very thin coat as directed by the Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail polish bottle 
  • Next you put a good bit of polish on the nail and place the magnet over the nail for ten seconds. [so in the end you had two coats of Sally Hansen Magnetic nail polish, one thin layer you let dry then a thick layer you used the magnet on one by one.]
  • Then I put a yellow out coat by Jordana [which i place over my nails every time I do them]

My opinion of this product

Ok, so this product can be really pretty on the nail, and great for a night out on the town, at a concert or even a romantic date. [depending on the color of course]. of course there is a but. The magnet isn't rounded so it doesn't make the print over the full nail, the sides are kinda bland. The brush handle is like the size of a little kids nail polish bottle brush, and that hard to work with. It is also very time consuming so for mother's this may be a problem, but defiantly good for a night out with the girls, or on a date with the husband. I don't think this brand of Magnetic polish is worth $10.00 but there are other brand's you can try. I think Sally Hansen has some improvement's to do on this product. I will continue to use it for special event's but once my polish bottle is empty I wont be buying another. I purchased the blue and it was pretty true to the color. Did you try this product? What is you'r opinion of it? What color did you use and was it true to the color?


I have a big metal trunk in my house with metal locks and all that good stuff. I went to open it and after noticed my nail polish was messed up so I had to remove it but i painted my toe nails back with using this product. Then I noticed while playing with the polish I took off that it literally is magnetic. I took a magnet off my fridge and collected the polish with it. How cool? 

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