first off let me say before I get into my subject of the day.... YUMMMMMMMMMM!


As a child I was really into history. I remember going to my grandfather's house and sitting with him in-front of the tv and watching the history channel all day and at night till bed.  When I was at home my love for history carried on. I found love in the stories of world war 2 and titanic. I cared to learn of many others however these two screamed my name. As a child who was more then into history I went to almost ever titanic museum, I watched videos of the trips from the surface four hours into the ocean to the titanic. I read every book that I came in contact with on both subjects. My mother spared no expense to keep me entertained with history. Now i can look back on my passion and the items i got 15 years ago, I want to share them with you.
Olympic/Titanic Brochure, Deck Plan, Luggage Stickers, Boarding Card, Notes For First Class Passengers, First Class Passenger List, First Class Lunch Menu, April 14th Dinner Menu, Post cards, Music Book, Ice Warning Telegram, Sinking Message Telegram, Marconigram From The Carpathia, Landing Card and Newspaper.


Where history was more of a hobby my passion was my art! I have worked in Three tattoo shops and I have been offered job's in other's. I have done album work for bands and design tattoos on my off time for friends and family. I paint, make clothing jewelry and all. My most recent project and I will post photos once I complete and all the way threw, I have accepted a job to paint a family portrait =] so excited, I have done family portraits but never have i done a big mural to hang for everyone to see! 

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