Lunchables good when we are children but what about when we grow up?


from oscar mayer

I bet you remember sitting in the lunch room in elementary school eating you a lunchable and thinking you were awesome, or coming home from school and for a snack before dinner grabbing you a lunchable out of the fridge and your mother yelling "i'm cooking dinner, don't get full". They were AMAZING! Have you tried them now, to get that taste of remembrance? I buy them for my two year old because they are a favorite past time of mine, and from time to time I find myself wanting one. You expect to get that spicy salsa you have to dip with the cheese to cool it off enough for your little mouth, or that perfect pizza sauce with that amazing cheese taste [cheese never did taste like that without a lunchable lol] or even that perfect ham sandwich cracker set. If you try them now you do expect them to be just as wonderful. But sadly they arn't what we remember. The salsa isn't spicy, the cheese tastes funny in the nacho set. The cheese I used to hate in the cracker sets taste better now but the meat is so sad . One has stood so true to the taste I remember, the pizza lunchable. OMFG it's amazing! I will still buy them for my daughter though because every child should experience the amazing taste that is LUNCHABLES! <3

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