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I went to the doctor's appointment today for my daughter's 2 year shot and check up. In doing so I have been told I have to take her to the Children's hospital. That was upsetting. They gave her this EpiPen and it comes with "trainers" I love needles as most can tell by looking at me, but there is a difference between a tattoo or piercing and a shot from a doctor or at home. I went to try the "trainer", it said there is no medicine or needle in the thing but i didn't believe it. So here I am with this thing to my leg and i'm like, should I test it or not? Let's face it, this shit is freaking scary looking! The first time I tried it on my daughter she didn't realize what was going on the second time even she was scared thinking there was a needle, and this is the little girl that take a pen and scribbles on herself to give herself "tattoo's" yep she is going to grow up like me!


I bought my daughter her first Lala Loopsy doll today. She got the plushy one for her birthday but I got her one of the real big ones. I thought they were stiff but they arn't. They are so cute! I think i found my twin! Another toy i buy for my daughter and I am so in love with are the monster high dolls, the reason I bring them up today I was told I looked like a monster high doll.. Yay I thought, but then I thought this was me before they came out.. I buy them for my daughter and call them her "mommy dolls" because I want her to grow up knowing this is a normal thing. Just because this was given to my daughter by two people really important to us I must post this big Hello Kitty, which seems to be very "in" right now.


I just took a trip with my husband and daughter for her 2nd birthday, but before we went I stopped by Rue 21 and bought a few things. I found the nail polish for 50 cent! omg I had to have it I mean come on 50 cent!!! It's like a silver color! It takes to coats but so worth it I normally don't paint my nails I have a saying "toe nails classy, finger nails trashy". Thats how I have always felt then once i got my hands tattooed I wear nothing but clear coat. I find this silver on all nails with a black on the middle finger is AMAZING! If you get around to rue 21 try it out, it's worth it I mean really worth it, 1 coat has lasted me a week so far!

Update on the impress press on manicure blog!

I had a friend try them and she agree's that they are not worth it. This is our convo about it. 
    • yup yup,btw i did not like those nails too well,they looked very fake and just the glue stuff did not stick well.
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