Hair Remover Cream

Blade Free Hair Remover Cream [aloe vera enriched]

Directions: Remove clothing and jewelry from area to be treated. Shake well and squeeze lotion into palm of hand. smooth on thickly, DO NOT RUB IN. Wait 5 minutes and then test a small area by wiping off lotion with blade free razor for most women, hair will remove easily after 5 minutes. If hair comes off easily, gently remove hair with blade free razor and luke warm water only. Do not rub or use soap. pat dry. If hair does not come off easily leave lotion on for a few more minutes DO NOT EXCEED 15 MINUTES. Do not allow lotion to dry on skin. Keep the tube tightly closed when not in use.
So I tested this product twice and waited a good amount of time to see if my skin got irritated. The first time I used it I waited 5 minutes, as directed, and not all the hair removed easily I had to use a razor on the rest. The second time I waited 15 minutes and once again not all hair was removed and I had to use a razor. If you wait longer then 15 minutes it drys on the skin. My skin did get irritated the last time because I used body wash to clean my legs off even though directed not to. This is a very cheap, not worth it brand. I have tried most brands and they work and I love them, but this isn't one of them. So if you see this brand in stores it is not worth a buy at all. You will be wasting your money.

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